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Approved on 5 December, 2017
Zoja Tumanova-Rodman, founder
Autonomjus noncommercial organization  «The International music G.Ots Festival»

Provisions on holding of
The International music G.Ots Festival


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Georg Ots International Music Festival-Competition is held from 11 to 17 of July 2018 in the St. Petersburg, Russia


− Promotion of the performing school and traditions of the world musical theater;
− Transfer of best practices of musical art masters to young performers;
− Identification and support of the most talented performers;
− Formation and the cultivation of the artistic taste, positive social attitudes and interests of the younger generation; introducing of children, teenagers and young people to the best cultural traditions.


− Open international music contest of vocalists.
− Master classes.
− Gala concert of the finalists and Prize Winners of the contest.
− Concerts of the leading musicians of the world.
− Round table. Meetings with members of the jury, leading experts in the field of music.


Organizing Committee
The organizing committee includes representatives of the founders, the director of the contest, the art director, the chairman of the Jury. The Organizing Committee approves the Provisions and the plan of the contest.
The international jury includes leading musicians, theater workers, producers.
The jury evaluates the performances, taking into account the artistic value and complexity of the performed program, the artistry and quality of the performance, and judges their performances, decides on the participation of the contestants in the following rounds, awards prizes and diplomas.
The jury has right to listen to just part of the 1st and 2nd rounds program presented by the contestant as well as to stop the contestant’s performance at any time.
After the first performed work (at the choice of the contestant), the jury has right to choose the second work to be performed (from the program proposed by the contestant).
The jury has right to change the stated program.
The jury has right not to award any of the prizes.
Directorate (ANO «The International music G.Ots Festival») performs preparation and holding of the festival-contest, solves organizational and financial problems.


Musicians from all countries can take part in the Contest.
−The contest is held in the nomination «solo singing».
−The age of the contestants should be at least 20 years old and not older than 38 years old (inclusive) at the time of contest opening (11 July 2018).
−All voice trials are carried out publicly.
−The Contest is held in the III rounds. I and II rounds are held accompanied with a piano, the III round is accompanied with an orchestra.
−Only those participants are allowed to the first round whose documents were submitted to the Directorate of the Contest on time and in the form specified in this provisions, and received official invitation from the Directorate.
−The contestants are allowed to the II round and III round by the decision of the Jury.
−After each round, round table of the Jury members with the round participants is held.
−The contestant can participate in the contest with his accompanist, or can use the services of an accompanist, proposed by the Organizing Committee (for a fee), which should be indicated in the Application Form.
−The order of performances of the contestants in the I round is determined by the loting and is maintained throughout the entire Contest. The jury may decide to change the order of performances due to the illness of the contestant or other force majeure circumstances.
−The contestants are provided with rehearsal rooms and time for acoustic rehearsals before each round.
−All compositions are sung in the original language, in the original key-note, by heart.
−The contest is held in accordance with the schedule published on the site of the Contest.
−The results of all three rounds are announced at their end.

Schedule of the Competition
11 July 2018 - Opening concert of the Festival-Competition.
12 July 2018 - Registration of the participants. Draw ceremony.
13 July 2018 - I Round (with piano accompaniment)
14 July 2018 - I Round (with piano accompaniment)
15 July 2018 - II Round (with piano accompaniment)
16 July 2018 - Rehearsals of the finalists (with orchestral accompaniment)
17 July 2018 - III Round (with orchestral accompaniment)
17 July 2018 – Gala concert of the finalists and Prize Winners of the Competition


Grand prix – 5000 euro
1 prize - 3000 euro
2 prize - 1500 euro
3 prize - 1000 euro
Money rewards are paid in Russian rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.
The organizer performs the duties of the tax agent, calculates the personal income tax and deducts it from the money part of the prize in accordance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation.

Special prizes
− Participation in the concert for the birthday of G. Ots in March 2019  in St. Petersburg
− Participation in the Ljubljana Festival in Slovenia (July – August, 2018).

Every participant of the Competition received a Diploma of the Contestant.


1. Copyright:
− By his/her registration, the contestant declares that no third party recognizes any copyright and/or other legal rights on the materials created during the Contest.
− All rights to distribute audio-video materials of the Competition, including for commercial purposes, belong to ANO «The International music G.Ots Festival»
− In addition, free of charge and for an unlimited period of time, the contestant transfers rights to the organizers of the Contest for broadcasting and distribution of materials.
− The Organizing Committee of the Contest has the right to conduct audio and video shooting, to broadcast the voice trials of the Contest, concerts and the final Gala concert on radio, television and on the Internet without an additional fee to the contestants.
− Audio and video shooting during the Competition is prohibited.
2. Distribution and realization of advertising, printed and other products is carried out only under the written permission of the Directorate of the Contest.
3. In case of disagreement in interpreting the conditions of the Contest, the Russian text shall be the only correct one.
4. The modification of the declared program is not allowed.
5. The order of performance of compositions is established by the contestants themselves and is indicated in the Application Form in the same sequence.
6. To perform in all three rounds of the competition, a concert suit is required.
7. All costs related to arrival and departure are borne by the contestants themselves.
8. In the case of performance with his/her accompanist, contestant should bear all costs for his invitation and accommodation.
9. All contestants should be ready to participate in concerts held within the framework of the Contest, free of charge.
10. All the laureates of the Contest are obliged to participate in the final Gala concert free of charge. If contestant refuses to take part in the final Gala concert, he/she may be deprived of the prize.


1. Application form for the participant (the form is attached).
2. Brief artistic biography (not more than 700 characters), which should include an educational institution, teacher; winning in other competitions; information about working in a theatre.
3. Photo in electronic form (at least 1Mb), for posting on the site and in the booklet of the contest.
4. Music material of the works performed in I and II rounds, in 3 copies (should be presented during the registration). In case of invitation of an accompanist, the music material of the performed compositions should be sent by e-mail together with a package of documents for participation.
5. A contestant should agree on with Directorate of the Competition availability of the scores and orchestral parts for the performance in the III Round. In case if the Directorate of the Competition doesn't have these materials, a contestant should provide the Directorate with scores and orchestral parts of the arias in electronic format or in printed copies not later than on the day of the registration of the participants.
6. Photo of an accompanist in electronic format (not less than 1 MB), to be placed in the in the booklet of the competition.
7. Brief artistic biography of the accompanist (not more than 300 characters).
8. Copy of the receipt for payment of the entrance fee.

Entrance fee is paid by bank transfer not later than 30 June, 2018.
Bank account details for payment of the entrance fee:

Autonomous noncommercial organization «The International musical G.Ots Festival»
INN 7807150720, KPP 780701001,
Current account 40703810290450000029
In the Bank "Saint-Petersburg" PJSC,
Saint- Petersburg, Russia
Correspondent account 30101810900000000790, BIC 044030790
Purpose of payment: JSBSRU2P
Entrance fee for the G.Otsa contest (full name of the participant)
Banking costs are paid by the participant.

!! When filling the receipt or transfer order, no single letter or figure could be changed in the bank account details, otherwise funds are not credited to the contest account and the fee is considered to be unpaid.

All documents should be submitted to the Organizing Committee by e-mail no later than on 15 June, 2018 The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to consider applications received after this date.
If the candidate refuses to participate at any stage of the contest, the documents and the entry fee will not be returned.
The participant receives a Russian entry visa by him/herself on the basis of an invitation issued by the Organizing Committee of the Contest (We draw your attention that the period of the Russian visa processing is 3-4 weeks).
The signature of the future contestant in the application form for participation indicates his full agreement with the conditions set forth in this Provisions.
After receiving the application form and paying the entrance fee, the Directorate sends an invitation to the participant to the Contest.

Entrance fees:
90 euros or equivalent sum in rubles, at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.
The paid fee shall not be subject to variation or return.

At registration it is necessary to submit:
− passport (original);
− 7 copies of notes;
− receipt for payment of the entrance fee (original);


Directorate of the Festival:
Autonomous noncommercial organization «The International musical G.Ots Festival»
Tel.: +372 513 22 13, +7 921 443 89 47
E-mail (application):