Georg Ots

The well-known opera baritone singer George Ots (1920-1975) became famous throughout the Soviet Union after the movie “Mr. X” produced by the “Lenfilm Studio” based on Kalman's operetta “The princess of circus” was released. George Ots starred as a mysterious “Mr. X”, and for many years, his prima aria was a calling card in his program. Not a single of his performances could dare to forget about singing this brilliant Imre Kalman’s aria encore. In 1960, Ots was awarded the title of “People's Artist of the USSR”. He was a star, not only in the Theater “Estonia”, but of the Soviet stage as well. Georg Ots was very popular and known in many countries and touring abroad in Finland, Czech Republic, German Democratic Republic (former East Germany), Sweden, Finland, Egypt etc. Especially for him, eminent composers wrote songs. In total, approximately 500 pop and folk songs as well as arias from the world classical operas were in his repertoire. He sang in 20 foreign languages!..

Ots's lyrical broad range baritone, with brilliant powerful top notes and beautiful soft timbre, conquered listeners with quiet, very noble academic manner of singing, great dignity, faultless taste, and special manner of pronunciation. Georg Ots knew Russian very well, but a light accent charmed his singing in a special way. With great success, the singer worked in different genres. Apart from baritone opera parties, he also brilliantly performed operettas.

Ots’s great skills underlay one of the secrets of his creative longevity (for more than three decades, his voice was heard on stage). Without impressing listeners with special effects, his singing was so penetrating, so redeeming and convincing so that few of those who heard the voice of this outstanding singer would remain indifferent. Talent like this goes beyond the time frame and becomes an object of admiration for several generations of listeners.