The II Georg Ots International Music Festival-Competition

Reception of applications is completed.


1. Application form for the participant 
2018 - Download Application in .doc
2018 - Download Application in .pdf
2. Brief artistic biography (not more than 700 characters), which should include an educational institution, teacher; winning in other competitions; information about working in a theatre.
3. Photo in electronic form (at least 1Mb), for posting on the site and in the booklet of the contest. 4. Music material of the works performed in I and II rounds, in 3 copies (should be presented during the registration). In case of invitation of an accompanist, the music material of the performed compositions should be sent by e-mail together with a package of documents for participation.
5. A contestant should agree on with Directorate of the Competition availability of the scores and orchestral parts for the performance in the III Round. In case if the Directorate of the Competition doesn't have these materials, a contestant should provide the Directorate with scores and orchestral parts of the arias in electronic format or in printed copies not later than on the day of the registration of the participants.
6. Photo of an accompanist in electronic format (not less than 1 MB), to be placed in the in the booklet of the competition.
7. Brief artistic biography of the accompanist (not more than 300 characters).
8. Copy of the receipt for payment of the entrance fee.

The signature of the future contestant in the application form for participation indicates his full agreement with the conditions set forth in this Provisions.

* The application form sent by the contestant and a copy of the receipt for payment of the entry fee for participation in the competition attests to its full agreement with the conditions set forth in the Contest Regulations.



Entrance fee is paid by bank transfer not later than Juny 30, 2018.

Bank account details for payment of the entrance fee:

Autonomous noncommercial organization «The International musical G.Ots Festival»
INN 7807150720, KPP 780701001,
Current account 40703810290450000029
In the Bank "Saint-Petersburg" PJSC,
Saint- Petersburg, Russia
Correspondent account 30101810900000000790, BIC 044030790
Purpose of payment: JSBSRU2P
Entrance fee for the G.Otsa contest (full name of the participant)

Banking costs are paid by the participant.

Entrance fees:
90 euros or equivalent sum in rubles, at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.
The paid fee shall not be subject to variation or return.